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Elvis Arauz - AdGorilla Marketing

Elvis Arauz

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of AdGuerilla Marketing, ther’s nothing that keeps me up at night more than thinking about how we can deliver more value to you.

I want to hear about your experience with Marketing. What you struggle with. What you hope to achieve. What you love and hate. What you’ve been wanting to overcome but just haven’t been able to yet.

Carlos Arana

Chief Operating Officer

My name is Carlos Arana known as Charlie. 6 years in the online marketing business has helped me gain experience to help our clients achieve their goals. I’ve been married for 13 years. That lets people know that I’m a man of my word. We will help our clients get the best results online. No fancy talk, just results.

Carlos Arana - Chief Executive Officer - AdGuerilla Marketing
Douglas - AdGuerilla Marketing

Donald Arauz

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) my job is to optimize the financial performance of AdGuerilla Marketing, including its reporting, liquidity, and return on investment.

What are the Benefits of an AdWords Audit?

There are plenty of benefits that come from an AdWords audit such as:
  • Properly track your conversions to calculate true ROI.
  • Optimize your account targeting settings.
  • Improve ad group relevancy and campaign structure to increase quality score and improve CPC.
  • Maximize ad space by increasing or setting up ad extensions.
  • Reviewing your keyword match type settings and keyword breadth to optimize keyword bidding strategies.
  • Reviewing and expanding on negative keywords to improve CTR and decrease costs

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